Web Technology Expert
cms & blog website development company

A Content Management System is a web application by which we can keep track photos, videos, documents, content on website and stay updated with the customer regularly. Web Technology Expert provides a complete solution for CMS (Content Management System) to managing your videos, photos and documents with open source technologies WordPress , Joomla, Drupal and Magento with including lot’s of features.

Web Technology Expert provides custom , dynamic CMS (Content Management System) and user friendly interface with device support capabilities so the end user doesn’t need have IT programming skills in order to manage the website’s content. However CMS(Content Management System) has tremendous features and come with lot’s of plugin which help to manage images, videos, and document easily on the web.

Features introduces by Web Technology Expert are:

cms & blog website development company
  • Easy Administration (Control Panel)
  • Powerful Publishing Tools & Plugins
  • Easy Implemented SEO Tools just like (Yoast SEO and custom Meta plugin)
  • Social Media Integration (Share your post and prefer to like on social media)
  • Detailed Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Security
  • Multi-Platform Support(Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop or Laptop).
  • Access Control (User Role and Permissions).
  • Choices of Content Templates
  • Voice Search
  • Comprehensive Search
  • Updated Versioning for Quick Rollback
  • Migration new template
  • Social Profiles
  • Subscriptions