Our team has a passion for providing robust web solutions

The Web Tech Expert team has several years of experience providing web solutions to small businesses. As your firm grows and evolves, we remain true to creating practical solutions while holding honesty and transparency as top priorities for our colleagues and clients.

Our Purpose

Web Technology Expert is a web design and development company that provides custom solutions for businesses of all sizes. We create mobile responsive websites, engaging videos, and creative graphic designs to promote and grow your business.

Our team brings your vision to life with mobile-friendly websites, engaging videos, and creative graphics. Contact us if you need something beyond our services.

Shahrukh Khan Founder

Shahrukh Khan, Founder
Certified Web Developer

Uvesh Tyagi

Uvesh Tyagi Co-Owner,
Certified Microsoft

Shahid Hasan

Shaeema Shahjadi

Shaeema Shahjadi,
Marketing Specialist

Manawwar Tyagi

Manawwar Tyagi,
Backend Developer

Mohit Kashyap

Mohit Kashyap,
Frontend Developer

Rahul Kashyap

Rahul kumar,
Graphic & Video Editor

Kubra Kartal

kubra kartal,

Muzahid Choudhary

Muzahid Choudhary,
Web Designer

We Are Committed to Exceptional Customer Service and Getting the Job Done Right!

Dedicated to exceptional customer service and delivering precise, high-quality results in every project. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Our vision is to build sustainable web-based solutions that help our customers grow their business and focus on what they do best.


Our mission is to help companies focus on what they do best and let us worry about their web-based solutions.
We accomplish this by investing in building customer relationships, getting to the root of workplace problems, and designing modern web-based solutions that work for the organization and its end users.

Our Services

web design and development company

Frequently Asked Questions

A professionally designed website can greatly benefit your business by creating a strong online presence, enhancing user experience, boosting brand credibility, and attracting potential customers. It improves customer engagement, increases conversions, and sets your business apart from competitors.

When selecting a web design and development agency, consider their portfolio, experience in your industry, expertise in responsive design and SEO, ability to meet deadlines, client testimonials, and the overall cost and value of their services.

The time required to build a custom website varies depending on the complexity of the project. A simple website can take a few weeks, while more complex websites with intricate features may take several months. It is important to discuss the timeline with your web design agency to set realistic expectations.

Yes, as a web design and development agency, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. We ensure your website is structured, coded, and designed in a way that search engines can easily crawl and understand. This includes optimizing page titles, meta tags, content, site speed, and mobile responsiveness to improve your website’s visibility and rankings.

Yes, we offer ongoing website maintenance and support services to ensure your website remains secure, up-to-date, and functioning optimally. Our maintenance plans include regular backups, security updates, content updates, bug fixes, and technical support to address any issues that may arise. Please note that these FAQs can be customized further to align with the specific services and expertise of your web design and development agency.

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