Top 11 Payment Gateways in Thailand You Should Know About

Top 11 Payment Gateways in Thailand You Should Know About

E-commerce is booming in Thailand, with substantial growth over the years. According to a study by Google and Temasek, the Thai e-commerce market has shown a consistent compound annual growth rate of 7.7 percent since 2017, reaching an impressive $27 billion.

This remarkable growth can be attributed to Thailand’s youthful population and their increasing preference for online shopping. The influence of social media and mobile commerce has positioned Thailand ahead of more developed e-commerce nations like Japan and South Korea. The Thai government’s implementation of favorable tax regulations for e-commerce has also significantly contributed to this expansion.

While Thailand offers a plethora of payment gateways, not all of them are suitable for every business. Hence, thorough research to identify a payment gateway that aligns with your specific requirements is crucial.

Current Payment Solution Landscape in Thailand

The citizens of Thailand exhibit a strong preference for mobile commerce over desktop transactions due to the accessibility and convenience of mobile devices. Approximately 57 percent of all commerce in Thailand is carried out through mobile devices, surpassing even global giants like China and the United States.

In Thailand, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for payment methods. Businesses must offer a variety of payment options to cater to their diverse customer base, including:

Bank transfers

Credit/debit card payments

Cash on delivery (COD)

Digital wallets

Card payments (26%) and bank transfers (28%) are the dominant modes of payment, collectively constituting about 50 percent of all e-commerce transactions in Thailand. Cash on delivery (COD) is another popular method, utilized by approximately 21 percent of e-commerce businesses.

Digital wallets account for roughly 19% of e-commerce transactions in Thailand, with TrueMoney, Rabbit Line Pay, and PromptPay being the most popular choices.

While digital wallets are currently less prevalent, there is a shift towards increased adoption as more people recognize their benefits. Notably, about one-third of Thailand’s e-commerce is conducted across international borders, emphasizing the country’s growing significance in the global market.

With a population of 69 million and a burgeoning middle class, Thailand’s e-commerce potential is undeniable. The Thai e-commerce market was valued at $12.32 billion in 2015, and it is projected to reach $32.54 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14.24 percent during the forecast period. The country’s high internet and smartphone penetration rates are driving this impressive growth.

However, a primary challenge for businesses in the Thai e-commerce market is the lack of standardized payment methods.

Criteria for Selecting Payment Gateways in Thailand

Local payment gateways have played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of e-commerce in Thailand. With most U.S. providers avoiding the Asian market, local providers have stepped in to enable merchants to accept online payments, innovating continuously to meet merchants’ needs. The thriving ecosystem of local payment gateways underscores their contribution to the Thai e-commerce landscape.

Here are key factors to consider when choosing a payment gateway in Thailand:

Reliability: The selected payment gateway should be dependable, capable of handling a high volume of transactions without interruptions.

Supported Currencies: As businesses expand, having a gateway that supports multiple currencies is essential.

Payment Options: Customers should have access to a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Market Integrations: The payment gateway should seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce platform for a smoother payment process.

Security: Robust security measures are imperative to protect customer data during online transactions.

Customer Support: Access to responsive customer support is essential for addressing any issues or inquiries.

Pricing and Fees: Compare the pricing and fees of different payment gateways to choose the one that aligns with your business’s budget.

11 Best Payment Gateways in Thailand


No minimum commitment.

No hidden fees.

Transaction fees: 3.65% for credit cards, 1.6% for e-wallets, 3.65% for internet banking.


No setup fees.

Transaction fees: 1.85%.


Setup fees: Free.

Annual charges: Free.

Transaction fees: Available on request.


No setup cost.

No monthly or annual fees.

Supports subscription payments.

No transaction fees.


No setup cost.

No monthly or annual fees.

Transaction fees: THB 0.45 for credit/debit cards, THB 0.25 for internet banking.

Pay Solutions (Formerly Thaiepay)

0.80% interest on monthly payments.

Merchant fee (MDR): 3.60% per transaction.

Transaction fees range from 12-15 THB.


No monthly fees.

Setup fees: $29.99.

Transaction fees: 20 Baht.


No commitments.

Transaction fees range from $0.12 to $0.15 per transaction.


Starting at 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale.

No monthly fees.


Local markets: from 2.7% plus 0.3 USD fixed fee.

No setup fees.


No setup fees.

No annual fees.

No transaction fees.

Local Payment Gateways and the Complexities for Businesses

Thailand’s unique geography, with its islands and remote areas, presents challenges for courier carriers to reach potential customers. Additionally, the lack of trust in online transactions in some regions has resulted in a lower e-commerce adoption rate. E-commerce fraud is also a growing concern, with an estimated 40 percent of consumers refraining from online shopping due to fear of fraud.

How Web Technology Expert (formerly Web technology expert) Helps with Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations in Thailand

Web Technology Expert is designed to seamlessly integrate with over 300 international payment methods, including those widely favored in Thailand. This makes it one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly platforms available today. Our payment platform offers a single integration point, simplifying your connection to multiple payment gateways and local payment methods.

Web Technology Expert offers a developer-friendly integration model and supports various business models, including e-commerce and digital marketplaces. Our platform enhances customer conversion rates by providing a localized checkout experience, including payment methods, language, and currency that align with your customers’ preferences, thus boosting sales.

Our fully customizable front-end and top-tier CXO dashboards ensure that your brand design aligns with your refund management needs and failed transaction assessment goals. Web Technology Expert securely captures payment method data while fully embedding it on your site or in your app.

With customizable integration and robust security built in, our technology ensures PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance with ease.

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