Top 5 Payment Gateways in Oman for Your Business

Top 5 Payment Gateways in Oman for Your Business

As Oman’s eCommerce industry experiences steady growth, reliable payment gateways are essential to support the increasing number of online purchases and facilitate seamless payments. To help businesses make informed decisions in Oman’s evolving payment landscape, we present five top payment gateways and key considerations to ensure smooth and secure transactions.

Payment Landscape in Oman

Oman has made significant strides in upgrading its payment systems. Initiatives like MpClear, launched by the Central Bank of Oman in 2017, facilitate mobile-based instant payments, enhancing customer convenience. Alternative payment solutions, such as eFloos, are gaining popularity, allowing customers to make payments at merchant stores and to other eFloos users. As Oman’s payment landscape evolves and expands, choosing reliable payment gateways is crucial for competitive advantage and a seamless customer experience.

Criteria to Consider for Payment Gateways in Oman

Selecting the right payment gateway for your business is essential. Here are key factors to consider:


Opt for a reliable payment gateway that secures customers’ financial information and enables merchants to accept payments without the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Support Currencies:

Choose a payment gateway that offers favorable conversion rates and low transaction fees for accepting payments in multiple currencies to cater to a global customer base.

Payment Options:

A robust payment gateway should provide various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets, ensuring transaction safety and user convenience.

Market Integration:

Depending on your business’s needs, a payment gateway should guide you on government regulations and assist with local market integration. Global brands may offer additional advantages for seamless market integration and enhanced customer experience.


Security is paramount to protect financial data. Established payment gateways employ advanced security measures to safeguard customer information. Choose experienced brands over newcomers for added security.

Pricing and Additional Features:

Consider pricing and additional charges when selecting a payment gateway. Ensure the gateway aligns with your business needs and offers a good set of services.

Top Payment Gateways in Oman

Explore the top five payment gateways in Oman:

Amazon Payment Services

Renowned globally, Amazon Payment Services offers a range of services, including accepting payments, business growth, and data insights, catering to various business types.

2Checkout (Verifone)

Widely used across Oman, 2Checkout supports numerous countries and currencies. It is PCI compliant, ensuring secure transactions and fraud prevention.


Checkout is a popular payment gateway in Oman, supporting over 150 currencies and global and local payment methods. It offers an easy-to-integrate API, compliance, and a seamless customer experience.


A well-accepted payment technology company in the MENA region, Tap serves over 50,000 businesses, startups, and SMEs. It offers fast approvals and integration with various eCommerce platforms.


MyFatoorah enables businesses to send and receive funds seamlessly. It offers transaction and customer data analysis via a single dashboard, enhancing accuracy and saving time.

Local Payment Gateways and Challenges

While many payment gateways are available, finding one that balances affordability and customer support while supporting various currencies can be challenging. Relying solely on a single gateway may lead to poor customer experiences in case of gateway failures, maintenance, or limited payment methods.

How Can Web Technology Expert Simplify Payment Gateway Integrations?

Web Technology Expert is a global payment aggregator that integrates over 30 payment gateways supporting 300+ payment methods across 190+ countries. This enables businesses to expand globally while offering customers a seamless payment experience. Web Technology Expert’s flexibility allows easy switching between gateways, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

For more information about how Web Technology Expert can support your payment needs in Oman, book a demo today!

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