Top Payment Gateway in Belgium That Your Business Needs to Know

Top Payment Gateway in Belgium That Your Business Needs to Know

In recent years, particularly following the pandemic, Belgium’s eCommerce industry has experienced substantial growth, with eCommerce revenue projected to reach $12.46 billion by the end of 2023. This surge has led to an increased shift towards digital and contactless payment methods, such as card and mobile payments, as more consumers turn to online shopping.

This flourishing eCommerce landscape in Belgium has given rise to an evolving payment landscape, with various digital payment solutions emerging to enhance the customer payment experience. To stay competitive in this dynamic environment, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt the most suitable payment solutions. In this blog, we present the top 10 payment gateways in Belgium that merchants can rely on, along with a guide to help you choose the ideal payment gateway for your business.

Key Criteria for Selecting Payment Gateways in Belgium

When searching for the right payment gateway in Belgium, it’s essential to consider the following key criteria:
1. Security:

Security is paramount for your payment gateway. Inadequate security measures can expose your business and customers to online fraud, potentially damaging your reputation. Look for the following security features:

PCI DSS compliance

Fraud prevention systems

Implementation of the latest security protocols

Handling of fraud incidents

Supported Currencies:

Opt for a payment gateway that supports multiple currencies to cater to your global ambitions. This not only meets current business needs in Belgium but also prepares you for future expansion without the need to switch payment services.

2. Payment Methods:

Consumers have diverse preferences when it comes to payment methods. Offering or supporting all popular local and global payment methods can significantly impact your sales. Failing to do so may result in lost opportunities. Therefore, select a payment gateway that provides comprehensive support for various payment methods.

3. Market Integrations:

Efficient market integrations can enhance productivity, streamline processes, improve the customer experience, and save time. Check whether your chosen payment gateway seamlessly integrates with the tools in your tech stack to maximize efficiency.


4. Pricing and Other Fees:

Pricing is a crucial consideration in your choice of a payment gateway. Exorbitant transaction fees, monthly charges, maintenance costs, chargeback fees, refund fees, and other associated expenses can erode your profits. Therefore, carefully assess the pricing structure of potential payment gateways.


5. Reliability:

Reliability is paramount for an online business. An unreliable payment gateway can disrupt your ability to accept, process, and manage payments, which is something you cannot afford. Evaluate reliability through factors such as customer support quality, transaction approval rates, conversations with previous customers, and customer testimonials and reviews.

Top Payment Gateways in Belgium

2checkout (Verifone):

A reliable payment gateway from Verifone offering global payment processing.

Provides a localized buying experience for customers.

Supports various credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and +100 currencies.

Integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


A global payment service by PayPal for accepting payments from around the world.

Features fraud protection and easy integration.

Supports multiple credit/debit cards, ACH, ideal, and various digital wallets.

Compatible with eCommerce and CRM platforms such as 3dcart, Salesforce, SAP, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


A payment aggregation platform supporting 100+ payment gateways and multiple payment methods.

Offers efficient payment routing to maximize gateway benefits.

Supports credit/debit cards, ACH, ideal, and various digital wallets.

Compatible with leading eCommerce and CRM platforms.

Ingenico Payment Services (Formerly Ogone):

A payment platform as a service (PPaaS) for managing online payments.

Presently serves customers in multiple European countries.

Supports a wide range of payment methods and over 150 currencies.

Offers integration with eCommerce and CRM platforms.


A popular payment gateway for businesses in Europe.

Provides support for a variety of payment methods and major credit/debit cards.

Supports all major currencies and integrates with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Magento.


An ideal payment gateway for businesses of all sizes, supporting a vast array of currencies and payment methods.

Offers customizable features for checkout experiences.

Compatible with eCommerce and CRM platforms, including Shopify, NetSuite, and WooCommerce.

An easily integrable payment gateway accepting various payment methods.

Supports credit/debit cards and digital wallets.

Integrates with popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento.


A flexible eCommerce payment solution with advanced fraud detection.

Accepts various payment methods and supports 50+ currencies.

Offers integration with eCommerce platforms, including SAP, Intershop, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


A popular payment solution in Belgium, offering customization options for the checkout process.

Supports multiple credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other payment methods.

Integrates with eCommerce and CRM platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Vue Storefront.


An online payment orchestration platform that enhances authorization rates and reduces cart abandonment.

Supports traditional and alternative payment methods.

Accepts all major debit/credit cards, SEPA, digital wallets, and 100+ currencies.

Offers integration with eCommerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

Navigating the Complexities with a Web Technology Expert

Local payment gateways can be limiting, as they often offer a restricted range of payment methods and currencies, hindering your ability to expand globally. They may also fall short in implementing the latest security protocols and can suffer from unreliable service, which can disrupt your business operations.

To address these challenges, Web Technology Experts can turn to Web Technology Expert. Web Technology Expert is a dependable payment aggregation platform that enables the integration of over 30 local and global payment gateways, offering more than 300 payment methods to your customers. With Web Technology Expert, you can expand your business to new locations, and the platform facilitates seamless routing of transactions based on various factors, ensuring optimal profits and uninterrupted payment processing.

To learn more about how Web Technology Expert operates and how it can benefit your business, book a demo now.

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