3 ways to calculate your monthly subscription revenue?

3 ways to calculate your monthly subscription revenue

In the world of business, customer loyalty is a cherished asset. It often translates into steady, recurring monthly payments, ensuring a predictable stream of income for your company. To gauge this crucial metric, you need to understand how to calculate your monthly subscription revenue accurately. Various financial metrics come into play, with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) being a cornerstone for subscription-based businesses, especially in the SaaS (Software as a Service) community. This article explores three fundamental methods to determine your monthly subscription revenue and provides insights into various MRR components.

Methods to Calculate Monthly Subscription Revenue:

Customer Churn Rate (CCR):

To compute your Customer Churn Rate (CCR), you need to divide the total Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) at the beginning of the month by the loss in MRR during that month, accounting for any additional upgrades or revenue during the same period while excluding new sales. For example, if you had 500 customers at the start of the month but ended with only 450, your CCR would be 10%.

Formula: (Initial MRR – MRR Loss + Upgrades) / Initial MRR

Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA):

ARPA, commonly known as Average Revenue Per Account or average revenue per unit, is a metric frequently used by digital and social media companies to evaluate their revenue on a per-customer basis. To calculate ARPA, divide the total revenue by the average number of subscribers. ARPA proves helpful for assessing pricing plans and tracking ARPA evolution amid account expansions and contractions.

Formula: Total Revenue / Average Subscribers

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):

The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the total expected revenue from a single customer over their lifetime. To calculate CLV, consider the average revenue from a customer and the average profit over a given period.

Formula: Average Transaction Size * Number of Transactions * Retention Period

For instance, if a customer subscribes to a service for $17 per month for an average of three years, their CLV would be $612.

Mistakes to Avoid While Calculating MRR:

While calculating MRR is essential for forecasting monthly subscription revenue accurately, certain pitfalls should be avoided to ensure precise calculations. Here are some common mistakes to steer clear of:

Overestimating Revenue:

Avoid inflating your revenue figures by considering semi-annual or annual revenues, especially when accounting for new customer subscriptions. Divide the total annual revenue by 12 to determine the correct monthly figure.

Including One-Time Revenue:

MRR primarily focuses on recurring income, not one-time transactions. While such transactions positively impact your financials, they shouldn’t be incorporated when calculating MRR as they can overstate revenue and distort forecasts.

Neglecting Discounts and Offers:

Special discounts and offers provided to customers should be considered when calculating MRR. Ensure that the discounted amount is accounted for and subtracted from the original product or service price to reflect the true MRR value.

Counting Trial Periods:

Trial period revenue shouldn’t be included in MRR calculations since their conversion into regular subscription revenue is uncertain until confirmed.

Ignoring MRR Components:

Each component of MRR plays a vital role, and neglecting any element can lead to misinterpretation of key metrics. High growth might mask underlying issues, such as high churn rates.

How Web Technology Expert Can Help:

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By leveraging Web Technology Expert’s capabilities, businesses can navigate the complexities of subscription management, ensuring accurate calculation of MRR, and sustaining a strong, reliable stream of monthly subscription revenue.

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