What Is Grandfathering? | Understand Its Advantages and Drawbacks

What Is Grandfathering Understand Its Advantages and Drawbacks

Merchants frequently adjust their pricing models, often entailing price increases following the introduction of new features or service enhancements. When implementing such changes, many businesses turn to a pricing strategy known as “grandfathering.” This approach allows merchants to maintain the original pricing for existing customers while applying updated rates to new customers. While this strategy may appear to reward loyal customers, it does come with its set of advantages and drawbacks. This blog delves into the merits and limitations of the grandfathering pricing strategy, offering insights for businesses considering its implementation.

Advantages of the Grandfathering Clause:

Higher Retention Rates with Pricing Experiments:

Customer acquisition costs are typically higher than retaining existing customers. Grandfathering enables businesses to keep charging their loyal customers the same initial price, fostering customer retention. This approach leads to a decrease in customer acquisition costs, making it more cost-effective to maintain current customers.

Long-Term Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is paramount for any business. By offering the same price to loyal existing customers while adjusting prices for new customers, grandfathering creates a sense of distinction and satisfaction among long-term clients. This, in turn, motivates them to stay with the business.

Drawbacks of the Grandfathering Clause:

Impact on Customer Relationships:

Contrary to expectations, grandfathering can adversely affect customer relationships. When businesses enhance their products or introduce new features while maintaining the same price, it may devalue the product in the eyes of grandfathered customers. This can result in a higher churn rate among grandfathered customers compared to those paying the updated price.

Expense to the Company:

Rewarding loyal customers with consistent pricing is a commendable gesture, but maintaining the same price, even after substantial product improvements, is often unsustainable for a business. Companies require a steady cash flow to operate and grow. Failure to apply new pricing to existing customers can strain the business’s finances.

Inefficiency Compared to Monetization-Based Pricing:

Relying on acquiring new customers to offset the financial burden of grandfathering is often inefficient. An acquisition-based growth strategy is less effective than a monetization-based pricing approach, making it challenging for most businesses to compensate for the costs associated with grandfathering.

Increasing Charges for Older Consumers:

While updating pricing for existing customers can be a challenging task, it is essential for business growth. To handle this transition effectively, consider a more flexible approach. Instead of abruptly introducing pricing changes, convey your appreciation for your existing customers and offer them a time-boxed grandfathered discount. This discount allows them to continue paying the original price for a specific period before transitioning to the new pricing. This approach keeps customers content and provides time for them to recognize the value of the new pricing.

How Web Technology Expert Can Help:

Web Technology Expert offers a subscription management solution designed to assist businesses in managing various pricing models, including grandfathering. This platform empowers businesses to gradually adjust pricing for existing customers without compromising revenue or losing customers. By leveraging Web Technology Expert, businesses can navigate pricing transitions seamlessly and maintain strong customer relationships.

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