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COVID-19 Pandemic and Guidelines

Over the past two years, the number of challenges has been beyond what we could ever imagine. Yet, through this pandemic, we have pivoted and adapted through times of uncertainty. We know that change is constant, and those prepared for change will continue to thrive despite the challenges. 

At Web Technology Expert, we know that companies must prepare with the most up-to-date technology. 

Below are 5 Ways to Help Your Company Maintain Compliance:

  1. Develop an efficient way to collect COVID exposures by automating the process. Methods to calculate the COVID exposure dates and more.
    Automating the COVID process with Microsoft Power App is a wise business decision. It will help your company deliver the fastest contact identification, information, and communications solutions. As a result, the Microsoft Power App for HR departments can extend the department’s capacity to focus on advancing the HR function rather than spending an excessive amount of time managing COVID protocols.
  2. Develop a streamlined way to collect vaccination records and negative COVID-19 test results.
    Power forms and app help your company develop an easy and efficient way to collect vaccination records to ensure the state of your workforce. In addition, managing your employee’s vaccination status will help better understand the potential risks associated with your company’s medical plan due to COVID-19 related costs and help manage COVID-19 exposure protocol guidelines.
  3. Develop an efficient way to minimize Cases of COVID-19 through sound Contact Tracing of known COVID-19 exposures and notify all the appropriate staff members.
    It is essential to identify and minimize the potential positive cases in your workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to alert any exposed employee. You must also notify an employee’s supervisor and the staff members responsible for COVID-19 protocol.
  4. Develop a COVID-19 or Infectious Disease Policy.
    If you haven’t already done so, implement a written COVID-19 or infectious disease policy to document your work rules on how to minimize cases in your workplace. Drafting a written policy will keep you compliant with governing regulations and allow you to communicate your policies effectively to your employees.
  5. Develop a game plan to educate your workforce.
    It’s essential to keep your employees updated with the changing workforce. You educate your staff on any new company policy on isolation, including providing information on the latest CDC guidance and why you are making changes.

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