How to Design a Shopify Website without Any Design Skills

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Shopify website design without code

A website can make or break your business it’s the first thing potential customers see, so it has to be great if you want to drive traffic to your products or services. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t have the design skills they need to create their site or hire someone to do it for them, but you can still have a successful online store without any design knowledge at all with the help of Shopify! This guide will show you how to Design a Shopify Website.

1. Decide if you want your domain name

A domain name is an important part of any e-commerce site. It’s what customers remember, and it tells them that your business is established, credible, and professional.

2. Use Shopify Template or Build from Scratch

The easiest way to create your own Shopify store is by using one of their beautifully designed templates.

This will take all of 5 minutes, and you won’t need any design skills! Once your store is created, you can then tweak it to match your brand.

3. Get images for your website (clipart, graphic, stock photos)

You don’t need any design skills to create an awesome-looking website. There are lots of great tools that can help you create visual appeal for your website, even if you have zero experience in graphic design.

The best thing about these tools is that they are completely free and easy to use.

Some of them will even have templates that you can use with one click. You should be able to get images for your business website within minutes or hours with these resources.

4. Upload them on Canva

  • Create an account
  • Upload your logo – The logo should be less than 1000 pixels wide
  • Now you’re ready to design your social media marketing template, upload up to 6 images or photos on Canva
  • Crop them and edit in size
  • To get a layout for the Facebook cover page click on the Layout button and create a design whichever you want.

5. Create Title and Tagline – Font, Color, Size

One of your first steps after naming your business is creating a tagline and title.

Your business’s title may be all you need if you are, say, opening an accounting firm or starting a landscaping company.

But if you’re launching something more creative or technical, like an app development company or custom T-shirt store or pretty much anything else in between, you’ll need help crafting a catchier title that reflects your brand and expresses what kind of business it is.

6. Add all of it to your Shopify Page using Visual Composer Plugin

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add various types of content easily with a graphical interface.

Install visual composer and go for your site, and create your template, add pages, banners, and whatever you want on it, and apply our design, it’s very easy!

7. Choose Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider

Before you start creating your website, you’ll need to choose a domain name and web hosting, provider.

When choosing your domain name, keep in mind that your visitors will have trouble remembering long ones and will rarely type them out by hand.

Make sure that people can find your site quickly by choosing one that is easy to remember.

Choosing a catchy domain name for your business isn’t just about catching people’s attention it can help you rank higher in search results, too.

8. Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an essential tool for any e-commerce business.

It’s free and simple to set up all you need is your website’s tracking ID, which you can get from Google by registering your account at their website.

Once you have that code, just paste it into Shopify’s admin area. You now have access to tons of analytics data.

9. Start Promoting Your Online Store

Once you’ve completed your store design, it’s time to get people talking about it.

There are lots of ways to promote your new e-commerce site through social media, Google AdWords and other advertising methods, and more.

The easiest way is probably through affiliate marketing also known as performance marketing.

You simply sign up with an affiliate network and choose merchants whose products you want to promote on your site.

Final Words

When you are creating your first Shopify store, it can be overwhelming. You’re overwhelmed with all of these new words and terms that you have never heard before. But don’t worry because we’re here to help. Here is our ultimate guide on how to Design a Shopify Website for beginners.

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