SharePoint site templates: Get started quickly with a pre-built site

SharePoint site templates

SharePoint site templates are pre-built site definitions that you can use to create new SharePoint sites quickly and easily. There are a variety of site templates available, including templates for team sites, communication sites, and project sites.

To get started with a pre-built site template, follow these steps:

1. Go to the SharePoint start page.

2. Click the Create site button.

3. Select the type of site you want to create.

4. In the Choose a template section, select the site template you want to use.

5. Click Next.

6. Enter a name and description for your new site.

7. Click Finish.

SharePoint will create your new site using the selected site template. You can then start adding content and customizing your site to meet your needs.

Here are some tips for using SharePoint site templates:

Choose the right template. Before you create your new site, be sure to choose the right site template for your needs. Consider the type of site you need, the features you want to include, and the audience for your site.

Customize your template. Once you have created your new site, you can customize it to meet your needs. You can add or remove content, change the layout, and apply a theme.

Use site templates to save time. Site templates can save you a lot of time when creating new sites. You can use a site template to create a new site with the same content, structure, and features as another site.

Share site templates. If you create a site template that you think would be useful to others, you can share it with them. You can share site templates with individuals, groups, or the entire organization.

SharePoint site templates are a great way to get started quickly with creating new SharePoint sites. By using site templates, you can save time and create sites that are consistent with your organization’s branding and standards.

Here are some examples of how you can use SharePoint site templates:

  • Create a new team site for a new project.
  • Create a new communication site to share news and information with your employees.
  • Create a new project site to track the progress of a project and to collaborate on tasks.
  • Create a new helpdesk site to allow employees to submit support tickets and to track the status of their tickets.
  • Create a new community forum site to allow employees to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss topics of interest.

These are just a few examples. You can use SharePoint site templates to create new sites for almost any purpose.

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